Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Contemplating a Yankees vs Dodgers World Series

On paper it all sounds ideal doesn't it?

Joe Torre brings his triumphant Dodgers back to New York to reek revenge on the team that let him go.

Joe Girardi has his apprentice-becomes-the-master moment and hammers the final nail in the coffin of the Torre-era in the Bronx (or, looking at it another way, conclusively proves that any stiff can, if given enough payroll, manage a Yankee team to championship).
Manny and A-Rod square off in a battle for vindication after seasons marred by steroid revelations.

Frankly, the prospect of this match-up is a journalistic wet-dream.

...and I for one, would hate every minute of it.

I detest the Dodgers, I detest the Yankees, I would detest every moment of Tim McCarver reminding me of every seminal moment that the likes of Manny, Torre, A-Rod etc have had in relation to their opponents/the situation.

Worst of all, one of these teams would end up having to win it all.

As a Red Sox fan (who, unfortunately, finds himself gravitating closer to Baltimore with every steroid story, Baltimore you see, is a good clean team - *cough* Palmeiro, Sosa *cough*) i've happily watched numerous World Series in which Tito and the boys have not participated (and given the Sox's crawl to the Post-Season this year, I'm likely to have another one of those years). I enjoyed last year's match-up, part rooting for Tampa Bay and part wishing for their failure. 2006 was a landmark series for me; our constant references to the LaRussa-Rolen relationship and mockery of Placido Polanco's Glen Quagmire-esqe chin provided hours of entertainment. I even managed to enjoy watching the White Sox best the Astros in 2005.

This abomination of a World Series cannot be allowed to pass. Please Albert, send Torre's mob running back to the West Coast with another of your super-human feats. Please CC and A-Rod, remember that this is the Post-Season and choke your over-paid hearts out.

As much as i'll look forward to a 'proper' ALCS (that is, Yankees-Red Sox), I'm praying for a repeat of the 2004 WS. Hell, i'd take Detroit-Colorado....just.

What's the only thing worse that Yankees-Dodgers?

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  1. why shouldn't players who play in baseballs biggest, most successful and most scrutinized market not be payed the most money? As for overpaid are JD Drew and David Ortiz worth $14 and $13 million a year respectively, I think not.