Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Pictures of Success

I'm assuming we all watched last night's Yankees - Blue Jays game, right?

I've been having a change of heart about the evil empire throughout this season. I accepted the success of Joe Giradi's crew, I even had a sense of pride in seeing Brian Cashman finally able to run the team the way he wants to without 'the Boss' interfering.

But no more, i've reverted. I'm back to the bad old days of unreserved Yankee-bashing with a vengeance.

Jorge Posada's actions last night are symptomatic of what's been wrong with the Yankees since 1998 - a complete lack of class.

This week should have been a time to enjoy the success of Derek Jeter and his breaking of Gehrig's record. Derek Jeter is the anti-Yankee: a genuinely likeable, admirable character in a team (and indeed, league) of steroid cheats and other unsavoury characters.

But no, Jorge Posada had to spoilt all that....

Posada has to go an incite a bend-clearing brawl in retaliation for a pitch thrown WAAAAAAY behind him. That's right, this wasn't about a Beckett-Abreu type of beaning, no this was all about a wild pitch and a spoilt crybaby throwing the toys out of the pram as a result of being on the wrong end of a washout.

Posada has been coasting on an undeserved reputation as an elite catcher for years now, enough is enough. Brilliant offensive catcher? Perhaps, but he's no Mike Piazza, Pudge Rodriguez etc. Great pitcher handler? Again, perhaps, but when you consider the calibre of pitcher he works with year after year, who wouldn't be? For every Sergio Mitre there's been a Clemens, Pettitte, Sabathias, Johnson, Wells, Cone, Igawa (joke)..... Give any major league catcher that kind of staff to work with and see how they'd do.

A.J. Burnett and his enormous ERA anyone? The guy doesn't even have Jorge catch him anymore, Jose Molina, that's right, Jose Molina catches for him now.

So what was the positive with Posada?

Well apparently he's a great clubhouse guy. Pardon me, but how does instigating a brawl which leads to your own manager getting cold-clocked demonstrate any sort of leadership? Ever seen DJ do that?

Jorge is apparently embarrassed and won't be letting his kids watch last night's game.

Too little, too late.

You're a champion, act like it.

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